What’s better than Adobe Captivate?

Is there anything out there in eLearning land better than Adobe Captivate? It’s great for certain things like adding interactions, but its screen capture leaves a lot to be desired. Compared  to say Techsmith’s  SnagIt, Captivate is primitive.

Techsmith also has Camtasia Studio of course, but again this seems  to be  overkill. The Photoshop of screen recording if you will.

So what better solutions are out there? What about Articulate? It seems to be half way between Captivate and Camtasia – though not originally intended  for eLearning. Interested to hear views from Multimedia Developers on their challenges and solutions.

4 thoughts on “What’s better than Adobe Captivate?”

    1. Hi Lieve
      Video Demo came out a bit after this post, but it would certainly be included in any future update to this. Good suggestion, thanks.

  1. How old is this post in that case? Video Demo is packed with Captivate since version 6 which is about 6 years ago? I responded to this article, which doesn”t show a date (as is the case in my blog), nor a reference to the versions, because the link was tweeted this week.

    1. Yes it’s old, sorry about the re-tweet. It was automatic when the site was relaunched in the last couple of days.

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