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We specialise in building responsive websites fast. Whatever your project, campaign or product, we can build you a beautiful and powerful website that will delight your customers.

Why don't we just use one of those "free" website services?

There's an old wise saying; "you get what you pay for"

There's an abundance of 'free' website services in the market today. But as with anything free, there is always a catch. Usually, that the limited free package is just too limited and sooner or later you will have to upgrade just to get it working the way you want. Most of our customers are serious business people who say they prefer to dispense with all this slight of hand and let professionals take care of their very valuable asset, from the get go.

Here's how we can help

We can build you a smart, world-class, feature packed website that looks and works great on any device and sells relentlessly for you 24/7, even while you sleep! Deals start from as little as $49.95 per month.

We're so confident, we're even happy to share our 'secret sauce'. Here's our proven 7 step formula that every good website must have to thrive online.

The 7 Step Formula for a Profitable Website

1. Website Design (or redesign)

Is your website, tired, old, ugly and clunky? Well who is going to buy from you? It must sizzle and jump out at your customers. The first step is to upgrade to a beautiful, fresh design.

2. Content Management System (CMS)

Can you easily and quickly edit your own website anytime and anywhere - without having to beg the IT department to do it for you? If not, why not? It's simply not negotiable these days. So the next step is to empower your company with a self-editable website.

3. SEO and SMM

No, these are not the same thing even though they are often mentioned together (like we just did!). Here's the quick low down.

  • SEM is Search Engine Marketing is the 'fast road' to website marketing success. This is where you pay a search company like Google for ads that appear on search result pages (SRP). If done properly, SEM can generate very quick results and bring lots of traffic to your website fast! Metaweb is a Google Partner so we can help you achieve this.
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimisation on the other hand is the 'slow road' to a successful website. But - over time it delivers supreme results far in excess of SEM at a fraction of the cost. Again, as a Google Partner, Metaweb can advise best practice on this 'dark art' of the web.

4. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Love it or hate it, Social Media is here to stay. Site like Facebook and Twitter are no longer negotiable, they are must haves for business. We can help get your Social Media campaigns professionally setup & managed to take full advantage of this must have marketing technique.

5. eCommerce

Have you ever experienced waking up to discover someone has bought your product online – while you were asleep? The feeling is incredible! Whatever your business, you must empower it by enabling your customers to BUY NOW - that's what they want to do in this modern age. So why not let them? Even if you don't sell products online, you can still use eCommerce functionality to capture your customers details before sending them free promotional materials. Give them something they can get for free, right now!

6. Mobile First/ Mobile Friendly Websites

It is estimated that in 2014, mobile web browsing will overtake computer based browsing. Make sure your website is ready to capture and exploit this dynamic shift in online consumer behaviour. We make sure your website is delivered in whatever format your customers need. Another non-negotiable must-have.

7. Analytics

So you already have a great website! Great, but do you know how your customers found you? Do you know what percentage of your 'potential customers' abandon your online forms - and at what point in the process? Do you know how to track the profitability of your ad campaigns from your website? Can you attribute a dollar value to each lead? Do you know which website you should be really nice to (because they send you lots of traffic!)? Do you have any idea what terms people searched for in order to find your website? Do you even care? You should, because if you know that, you can include more of it to increase your sales online.

So now you know what you need, lets get you started with one of the packages below.

Website Packages

Property Developer Website (Self-Managed)

  • A fresh new website with your 3D rendered designs to showcase your development
  • Upload any amount of videos or renders in a beautiful display style
  • Built in Content Management System to log in anywhere in the world and edit the site yourself. Mark which properties have sold and which are still available
  • Search Engine Optimisation - included to supercharge your web visits
  • Dynamic contact form - capture all online inquiries in an online database, ready to be exported for your email marketing campaigns or to send to Real Estate Agents to follow up
  • From $2,500 +GST (once-only cost)*

* Plus annual web hosting + domain name

Web Starter Pack (Self Managed)

  • New website with your choice of design (choose from hundreds of templates)
  • CMS - Content Management System (log in anywhere and edit the site yourself)
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimisation (all the basics included free)
  • eCommerce ready (designed so you can expand into a full eCommerce website when ready)
  • Mobile friendly (looks great on any device)
  • Analytics (access your own website stats right within your CMS)
  • $10/ month web hosting (discounted for 12 months)
  • From $49.95 + GST per month

Web Power Pack (Self Managed)

  • Web Design (or redesign)
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • SEM/ SEO
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • eCommerce enabled (setup, ready to take orders online)
  • Mobile Website Compatibility
  • Analytics (monthly reports delivered to your email)
  • $0/ month (FREE hosting)
  • $0/ year (FREE domain name)
  • From $1,995 (one-off build and setup)

Website Super Charger (Self Managed/ Pay by the Month)

  • Same as Web PowerPack 1 (Website/ updates managed by Customer)
  • $0 (upfront, once off build and setup)
  • $30/ month (hosting)
  • $33/ year (domain name)
  • $135/ month (12 months minimum)

Web Optimiser (Managed SaaS/ Pay By The Month)

  • Web PowerPack (Website/ updates 100% managed by Metaweb)
  • $0 (upfront, once off build and setup)
  • $30/ month (hosting)
  • $33/ year (domain name)
  • $195/ month +GST (24 months minimum)

Web Corporate 1 (Managed SaaS/ Pay By The Month or outright)

  • Custom designed to suit any size organisation
  • Fully branded to your corporate style guide
  • Investor Centre (ASX downloads/ live Share Price)
  • eCommerce enabled with payment gateway integration
  • Shopping cart configured
  • Online order forms
  • Blog/ chat/ feedback
  • Social Media integration
  • SEO
  • CMS (to self edit after handover)
  • Responsive/ mobile friendly to suit all devices
  • Monthly analytics report (emailed)
  • Free hosting for 12 months
  • Free support for 3 months (up to 2 hours support/ week)
  • Full day training workshop on handover
  • $29,990 +GST (fixed price, one-off) OR
  • $2,750/month +GST (12 months minimum term)

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