Did you know employee Wellness is one of the most important yet overlooked factors in the overall health of your business? Although Wellness is often overlooked as secondary to other areas such as finance, risk management, security and technology - it can form part of arguably the most important driver in a business - strategy.

A well planned overall corporate strategy will include Wellness of staff because if the staff are not consistently healthy, happy and 'well', then no amount of planning will can compensate for that.

Metaweb specialises in developing bespoke and OTS (Off-The-Shelf) online Corporate, HR, Safety and Wellness training that saves companies millions of dollars every year. With our beautifully designed and effective eLearning content, you will be far ahead of the pack when it comes to Wellness training for your staff.

The course shown here is scenario based and uses inventive, engaging ways to walk employees through the often unseen health and wellness pitfalls common in most corporate settings.

Are you ready to take your corporate Wellness training to the next level?

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