Feel like a square peg in a round hole?

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We have a theory about  recruitment agencies…

Just like real estate agents, most recruitment agents  are very, very  eager to secure your business. That’s fair enough, competition in business is healthy. However, many  promise the earth to clients just to secure the exclusive right to represent  them, never considering for a second whether  they actually  have the  ability to pick the right talent  for the job in the first place.

When was the last time you were sent a square peg?

You have a job, lets say its a ’round-hole’ – so naturally you want a round peg to fit in that hole. Yet how many times have recruitment agencies sent you square pegs? Candidates that were not even close to what you were asking for? You might have wondered…

How could they get it so wrong?

There’s a simple explanation in the saying “You don’t know, what you don’t know”. You see, many recruitment agents are not specialists in the field they are recruiting for. A very common example of this is the numerous times I’ve heard candidates complain that an agent rang and offered them a role that required a JavaScript programmer. When they are actually a Java programmer. The two programming languages (only one is actually a language) you see, are quite different. But to the production-line recruiters in the big global agencies, it all looks the same – and a sale is a sale. These are what we call ‘lazy recruiters’ because they don’t even bother to do the most basic research before racing for the phone.  Near enough is good enough for them.

Beware the lazy recruiter

At Metaweb Australia, we believe that because every job is unique, every candidate must be viewed and selected uniquely. Not just sent to some generic,  rebranded  website  where potentially – your ideal candidate – may be  forced to enter  pages of  personal data, when they already have their resume  in digital form ready to email to the agent.

Ask yourself,  who really has the time for this, and who does it help? The answer is, nobody has the time and it only serves to help lazy recruiters get the data into their database without them having to lift a finger.  They’ll tell you it helps them computer match you with the right candidate of course – but that’s a load of rubbish. It simply saves them time. It also drives away real, hard working candidates who won’t stoop to having to enter all the same data for the umpteenth time.

You spent how much on a big recruiter and still didn’t get the right candidate?

Have you hired one of the big global recruiters in the hope of finding the right candidate quickly – because they have a very large database of candidates? Sorry, but  that’s exactly why they can’t find your ideal candidate, because they get lost in the pool  of  thousands of other candidates. There’s simply no way any recruiter in such a large agency can personally know each candidate  and have an intimate knowledge of  what they can offer.

Metaweb’s 5 Pillars  of  successful recruitment

Unlike the herd mentality of some of the larger recruiters, Metaweb Australia believes respect is the key to successful recruiting.  Here’s how we do it.

  1. Trust – We do know all our candidates personally. In many cases we have worked along side  them as colleagues in the past and have built a mutual respect and trust for how  we  work
  2. Knowledge – We know time is precious, so we never  try to fit a square peg into a round hole. That approach is  a waste of everyone’s time – and we simply don’t do it. We get it right because we have the required skills and knowledge in-house. So when you ask for a Java guy, we will never  send you a JavaScript guy.  We guarantee it
  3. Honesty – If we don’t have an immediate close match, we’ll tell you up front. Then we’ll set about finding that person through our network
  4. Integrity – We find the right candidate,  wherever they are.  Specialising in head hunting top  talent,  we have a 100% success rate when we believe we have identified  an ideal candidate. Our goal is always a  win/win scenario. Everyone involved in the deal should come out a winner.  It’s the only way to guarantee our survival and integrity in the long term. That means we go to top candidates  on their terms. This demonstrates our integrity to  them  by showing  they are being recognised and valued – this in turn builds their trust in us and allows us to broker the best possible outcome for all parties
  5. Communication – We  follow up, with you and  the candidate. After all, if one of you isn’t happy, then the party can’t last, so it’s in our  best interest to make sure everyone is happy and on the same page. Not just in 2 weeks, but in 3 months, 12 months, 24 months and beyond. We have candidates and clients we have kept in touch with  over many years. We  don’t just get in touch  when  we have a job for them, we’re genuinely  interested in their ongoing success, because we were part of it

Feel like a fresh approach to MarTech recruitment?

If you think this sounds like a fresh approach to recruitment, why not contact Metaweb Australia today for a relaxed, confidential discussion about your recruitment needs.