What is eLearning?

What is eLearning?

The “e” in eLearning represents the word ‘electronic’. Therefore eLearning means  Electronic Learning – or more correctly; Learning facilitated by  electronic delivery. Or,  online (on-screen) learning. Great, now that we’ve cleared that up, lets find out what it can  do for you.

What are the benefits of  eLearning?

eLearning has  advantages and  disadvantages over traditional face-to-face learning. Some of the advantages may of course be seen as disadvantages depending on  the goal of the learning outcome.  Lets examine some of these.

Advantages of eLearning versus  face-to-face learning

  • lower cost per head  to deliver
  • convenience – the student can (at the discretion of the administrator)  learn at their own pace and modules  can be delivered anywhere there is a computer/ internet  connection
  • progress can be automatically tracked and  scored and administrators and students can be automatically notified upon successful completion
  • courses  can be  time based to ensure speed and accuracy  in a particular module – or left untimed
  • other online tools can be integrated such as interactive 3D models, audio  and movie clips, voice overs  or software walkthroughs and simulations
  • detailed reports can be auto-generated and emailed to administrators (and students)
  • elearning courses and modules can be sold online

Disadvantages of eLearning versus  face-to-face learning

  • no face-to-face contact. Some people  prefer  face-to-face delivery and personal interaction over computer based delivery
  • no instructor guidance – though automated ‘hints and tips’ carefully set to trigger when certain errors are performed can usually solve this problem
  • lack of people interaction. Though  eLearning can  allow for  other students to be visible online in a chat room scenario

To summarise the above pro’s and con’s we  could say that eLearning has the main advantage of convenience, whereas face-to-face learning has people interaction as it’s key selling point. Both have their merits. The main thing to remember is to match the desired learning outcome with the  target audience.

That said, with recent advances in technology most things can be achieved online with eLearning regardless of  the target audience.

Want  to know more?

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