Are you one of the 53% of invisible businesses?

Incredibly, IT News reported today that more than 50% of all Australian businesses still have no web presence. How can this be?

While it may not be entirely necessary for every industry, and may have been cost prohibitive in the past, there’s really no excuse not to have a website today.

How many people do you know who don’t use the internet? This means anyone using WiFi, smartphone, tablet, PC, laptop etc. It’s all online and therefore – all internet (usually).

invisibleMarketing_noImageWithout an internet presence, you and your business simply have no image and are invisible to your potential buyers. You have no way to be found or heard amongst the din of your competitors.

This is an alarming statistic given that it is so unnecessary and cheap to remedy the situation.

Websites can be built for almost nothing these days. Online services such as Wix and WordPress offer free software that is beautiful, functional and best of all – FREE!

If you are one of the 52.9% of businesses who are still invisible, why not give Metaweb a call to see how we can set you up online for as little as $99.

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