Adobe Captivate links not working

If you’re developing content in Adobe Captivate for a client on-site (using the clients computers)  you may discover that your links to external web pages won’t work. This is not the fault of Captivate or your browser or your IT company blocking links (I know, it’s easier  to blame them)!

Here’s the deal – you embed a link on a button, publish it and voila… it doesn’t work – nothing happens! You check all the settings, drink some coffee, scratch your head, tear out large clumps of hair (hopefully your own), your pupils dilate, you start breathing heavily with  Niagara Falls tumbling from your furrowed brow,  you swill some more coffee, start Googling and Tweating for a quick fix – but still nothing is jumping out at you. You slurp down  ever  more coffee, liaise  with your colleagues, jointly condemning that cursed  IT department, moan something about conspiracy theories then find the answer below. Eureka!

The problem is with your Flash Player’s security settings. These are NOT set by your IT system administrator and you can’t fiddle with your browser to fix it. It can only be resolved by using the  the Settings Manager hosted on the  Macromedia web site. IT administrators  can’t block this as it’s hosted on an external site  – they could of course block this direct  URL  to Macromedia but that would be highly unlikely.

  1. Go to this page at Macromedia >    (Note: The image shown on this URL  is the actual Flash  control panel for your Flash player – it’s not an example image).
  2. Navigate to Global Security Settings
  3. Click “Always allow
  4. Add the parent location to where your files are published (eg; in most cases just select C:\   or D:\   or wherever  the  root of your work is, if you’re working locally)

Once set, you should find your links now work as normal!  You sit back, relax, replace your torn out hair clumps, unfurrow the brow, mop the sweat off your shirt, brag to colleagues that “you” fixed it and  send the IT department a bunch of  flowers (or maybe some Star Trek DVD’s) as an apology.

Righto, back to work!

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